Replacement Social Security Card Form

Are you looking to find a replacement social security card form to replace lost social security card? There are instances when you find yourself losing your social security card. In reality, this task is quite easy. You can do it online or you can al…


What is a SS-5 Form?

An SS-5 form is an application for U.S. citizens who need a new Social Security Number or a replacement S.S. card. It’s easy, free and the application itself can be found and at this link: Once you download and print the application, simply fill out the forms with the easy to follow instructions provided on the first four pages. Next, prepare the required documents also listed in the instructions and mail the application along with copies of your required documentation to any Social Security office. If you are 18 years old or older but don’t have a Social Security Number or just like offices, you can take your application to a Social Security office near you. Those of you applying for a replacement card can do it online at this link: The application will ask you 16 questions including your parent’s Social Security Number. It’s free and easy.