What is a S.S. Card or Social Security Card

An SS Card or Social Security Card is a card issued once you apply for your Social Security Number. Your Social Security Number is a unique nine-digit number issued to you and connected to your name and birthdate. This unique number is important when acquiring employment or applying for government benefits and/or services. The number will also be important for daily necessities such as opening a bank account or obtaining a credit card. Non-Citizens, as well as Temporary or Seasonal Workers also need a Social Security Number and although the application process for each situation is a little different, they are all easier than you think. Just start with the first line and follow the instructions. In this beautiful country of ours there are many people with very similar names and in our ever changing digital world, a Social Security Number helps the computers make sure you are you. Apply today.


Documents You Need to File with Your Social Security Number Application

If you are a citizen of the United States there is no escape route from the paperwork you need to file. The chances that your application will be accepted or rejected is pinned on whether you have filled out all the forms accurately. For this reason, it is essential that you should keep all the documents and copies that have to be filed along with your social security number application. This post will take you through the essential documents that you need to provide for your application to be processed.

The original birth certificate must be provided as photocopies or notarized ones are not accepted. It is essential that all the documents provided should be current or else the application will get rejected. To establish proof that you are a citizen of the United Sates you have to provide a U.S. birth certificate or a U.S. passport. In order to establish identity, you need to a U.S. driver’s licesnse or an employee identification card can be submitted. Usually, one document may be u

How to Change Your Social Security Name

Sometimes there is a need to change the name legally due to circumstances such as divorce, marriage, court order or other reason and thus its necessary to inform Social Security so as to get a corrected card. You can’t apply for this card online. Usually there is no charge to obtain Social Security card. The service is free.If you need a Social Security card that is corrected, then you would need to:
1. Proof your identity by showing any required document. At times, you may also need to prove lawful non-citizen status or your current U.S. citizenship. It’s also mandatory to present your birth certificate.You need to know the list of documents required when applying for corrected Social Security card.The documents must be originals and not photocopies.
2. Fill out and print Social Security name change form.
3.Mail or take the required papers and your Social Security name change form to your local Social Security office.